First Job After College

Growing up I always had a job.  I liked working.  But I probably liked the paycheck most.  I’ve worked as a concession stand cashier, dishwasher, data entry clerk, business analyst, camp counselor, tele-fundraiser, hospitality host, and more.  I started in elementary school too.  Honest!  But the more intriguing jobs came in middle school, high school, and eventually college.  Starting at minimum wage of $5.15/hour, it was nice to see it slowly increase to $5.50/hour to $6.00/hour to $8.00/hour and more.  At my best I made around $12.00-$15.00/hour during the summers in high school and college.

The paychecks were nice.  But nothing is going to be as nice as the paycheck from my first real job after college.  I can’t wait!  I had two strong job offers during the Spring semester.  The one I selected turned out to be the higher wage, but more importantly, it was the position I was most interested in and the company whose mission I most admired.  A win-win-win, I suppose.  I will be working as a computer programmer, with a salary of $53,000/year.  As a new college grad, I’m very excited to have a job and also excited for the starting salary.

The only negative — I’m moving!  Or I should say “we” are moving.  My fiance and I will be moving to another city, another state to pursue my job opportunity.  We are staying in the Midwest, but it will be 6-7 hours by car from the places we grew up.  In our world, that’s far away!  My first day is only three weeks away, so that doesn’t leave much time either.

My fiance also has a job offer there too!  She is going to work for a bank with a salary of $30,000/year.   She has a little more time to get ready and doesn’t start until mid-June.  Between the two of us, it feels surreal to think that we will make a combined income of $83,000/year.  The sheer amount is more than we have ever known up until now.  We are both very thankful for the opportunities and recognize that for the Midwest, for college grads, this is generous.

But onto pressing matters, we need to get ready for our big move!  Next steps will be searching for a place to live and packing up the dorm rooms.  Should we rent or buy?  I have some ideas and will be anxious to share more soon.



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