April 2006 Net Worth Update 1

Going into April, my focus was almost entirely on taxes!  And I can successfully report that all of State and Federal returns have been mailed before the deadline date.  Of course, not that the deadline mattered since we are receiving a refund on all returns.  But it’s nice to be done!

The rest of the month was quiet on most fronts.  The stock market was flat.  Most savings contributions were on auto-pilot (except a couple).  No new expenses beyond the normal.  Rather boring, I suppose!  Baseball season is starting back up, so we attended several games this month.  At least that is always exciting to me.

Another exciting thing was yet another monthly GAIN to our net worth.  This makes 11 straight months of gains!  Really hoping next month is just as strong.  It would great to have a solid YEAR of gains starting out.  (let’s hope I didn’t jinx it!)

As of the end of April 2006, our net worth has increased by $4,005 to a new total of $83,666.  

FI Champion's Net Worth Update for April 2006

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Noteworthy highlights for the April 2006 update:

  • Our expenses were back to normal after some larger wedding expenses hit in March.
  • I did not make regular contributions to our Roth IRA accounts this month since I have already put so much in during the first couple months of the year.  We’re still on track for maximizing our contributions.  Missing this month doesn’t affect those plans.
  • One big change was made on my fiance’s Roth IRA account.  Up until this month, we had all of her money invested in the Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund up.  We sold ALL of those shares and instead, purchased a Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 Fund during the middle of the month.  This new fund is more diversified and I wanted to give it a try for a few years and see how it compares to our regular S&P 500 funds.  It’s the most aggressive target retirement fund that Vanguard currently offers.
  • Normal contributions were made to my fiance’s 401k account.
  • We continue to take advantage of a 0% credit card offer.  This means taking the money earmarked for paying our credit card bill and instead, putting that money into our Vanguard Money Market funds.  We will earn interest on the money kept at Vanguard while paying no interest or fees to the credit card companies.  I consider it “free money” so we will keep it up as long as they let us!  But at any time we can “write a check” and pay it off though.  This is the reason for the further increase in our credit card liability for the month, which now stands at $11,190.
  • The regular payment was made to our student loans.
  • I tripled-up on the payment made to my general loan, sending in $450 instead of the usual $150.  This gets me caught back up since I had purposefully missed some payments in previous month.  This is a 0% loan with no expectation for regular payments.  But I don’t want to drag it on either, since it is a loan from a family member.
  • The regular mortgage payment was made this month.


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