February 2006 Net Worth Update

After last month’s record net worth gain, I was expecting a little pull-back from the market — or at least, some pressure downward!  I know, not really positive thinking.  But hey, I’m just being realistic.  Thankfully the pull-back did not happen.  So the party continues!  For the 9th straight month we have been able to record a monthly GAIN to our net worth. 

As of the end of February 2006, our net worth has increased by $5,038 to a new total of $74,297.  

FI Champion's Net Worth Update for February 2006

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Noteworthy highlights for the February 2006 update:

  • I contributed $355 into my Roth IRA account for the month.  I did not put anything into my fiance’s account this month.  The rest of the gain was purely from the stock market continuing it’s upward trajectory.
  • Normal contributions were made to my fiance’s 401k account.  I expect this account to be on “auto pilot” for the most part this year.  Contributions are automatically pulled from her paycheck each pay period.  I do not expect to make any changes to our investment choices either.
  • We continue to take advantage of a 0% credit card offer.  This means taking the money earmarked for paying our credit card bill and instead, putting that money into our Vanguard Money Market funds.  We will earn interest on the money kept at Vanguard while paying no interest or fees to the credit card companies.  I consider it “free money” so we will keep it up as long as they let us!  But at any time we can “write a check” and pay it off though.  This is the reason for the further increase in our credit card liability for the month.
  • Regular payments were made for our home loan and student loans.  But no payment was made to our general loan this month.
  • While not an impact to the numbers in this report, I should note that I have received all of our W2 and 1099 paperwork for the year.  The last one came from Vanguard near the end of February.  That means tax time is around the corner.  I’m hoping to tackle it myself so I have picked up all the IRS 1040 forms from our local library.  I’m beginning to read the instructions and expect to write a post on it in the near future.

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