Dreaming of Financial Independence

Don't let your dreams just be dreams... Make it a reality

(Dreams CAN become reality — watching the sunrise while vacationing in Spain)

Every journey begins with a single step.  This one started years ago for me, in college.  My life was not yet started in the traditional sense, but an idea took hold regarding personal finance, savings, and the plan for my future.  It was simple:

I learned that I did not want to follow the traditional path of those around me.

I read countless stories and saw several examples of where it ended up for most people: No savings, no plan, retirement delayed or not even possible at all.  After a lifetime of working, how could you end up with nothing?  How could so many people be making these mistakes?  How could I avoid being one of them?  I made a decision to avoid their footsteps.

I wanted to start early, plan, save, and live the life of my dreams, on my terms.

Therefore I decided to get started on firm ground and a solid financial footing.  You know the kinds of things that people in their 40’s and 50’s (and beyond) had said “they wish they did when they were younger”?  Well, I decided to heed their advice, learn from it, and apply to my own life.  The information is already out there for the taking.  Those people have shared their own stories.  Their successes.  Their failures.  But who is bold enough to grab the information and really use it?  Me!!

Fast forward 12 years and I sit here at the computer typing my rant. I am 33 years old with a wife, kids, house, car, and more. How has it ended up? Very good. Did I make some good decisions? Yes, many. Did I make some mistakes? Of course. Have I reached my goal? Getting close. And that’s part of the purpose for my post today.  I want to share my story, talk about my early goals, and the steps I have taken to come this far.  But moving forward, I also want to be held more accountable.

Perhaps we can begin to find out together?

Over the years I have read all sorts of financial books, publications, and other blogs on topics of financial independence and early retirement.  I continue to read too.  This community has given me so much in terms of information, ideas, and encouragement.  Seeing the progress of others out there continues to inspire me.  And I’m especially excited because I feel sooooooooo close.  I also want to give back, share, and contribute.  My story may be similar to others pursing financial independence, but I think there are still some big differences that set me apart from the rest — that set my family apart .  I am extremely proud of the financial progress made since graduating college and starting my life.  I want to talk about my journey from college until today — and beyond.

This blog will be a little different than any others you may have read.

While today marks my first official post, I won’t exactly be starting from here.  Yeah it is 2016 as I’m writing this post, but I am going to rewind the clock and start at the beginning.  Back to 2005.  Although my story has never been documented online until now, it has been documented offline, every month, for the past 10+ years. Countless income reports, expense details, net worth updates, journal entries, and more.

Starting today, I will begin to publish my story on the blog. The ups. The downs. Everything in between.  Since I plan to start with my life in 2005, it may take awhile to catch up to the present.  Come on, we’re talking 11 years here!  But when I do get it all published and get caught up, we can start to go beyond together.  And along the way my hope is that someone can take what I have learned, keep the good stuff, scrub out the mistakes, and apply it to their own life.  I also invite you to participate by commenting, sharing your wisdom, challenging my ideas, and otherwise engaging in constructive dialog.  I look forward to this new chapter.  Thank you for joining me.

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