Retro: Deciding to Buy or Rent


Should we buy or rent

I’m at a crossroad right now and am trying to decide what the best course of action would be moving forward. I just graduated college last week. I’m about to start my brand new job. The questions now revolve around the housing situation moving into the future. We need a place to live! The top three options include:

  1. rent an apartment
  2. purchase a new home
  3. purchase a duplex

Overall I am intrigued by the duplex option. We would purchase the entire building and live in one side, then rent out the other side. If we go the route of purchasing a home or duplex, we still have the option of renting an apartment temporarily, month-to-month, until the purchase close date. This has been offered to me through my real estate agent.

Our financial situation seems solid. My salary will be $53,000/year and my fiance’s will be $30,000/year. I have worked with a local bank to determine financing options. Going through the entire qualification process resulted in a pre-approval for a purchase up to $240,000 (with 20% down payment) with loan terms of 30-years @ 5.90%.

Here is the rest of our current situation:

  • Minimal student loan debt
  • Small car loan (through family)
  • No credit card debt
  • $40,000 cash sitting in money-market accounts (moved over from mutual funds)
  • Ability to raise additional $10,000 through family gift (really loan, but avoids taxes)

I consider our financial situation to be very fortunate and above average compared to my fellow graduates. We both saved quite…

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Note From Author

The full “Deciding to Buy or Rent” post has been back-dated to 05/19/2005.  But it was originally published to the Financial Independence Champion ( Blog on 05/24/2016.

Why Back-Date Posts?

I mentioned in my first post how this blog will be a little different than any other ones you may follow.  I still plan to talk about personal finance, rental property, travel, and the pursuit of financial independence.  But to give all these topics the right context and the full picture, I need to start at the beginning.  I need to fill in the details of life from 2005 until now.  I want you to see the successes, the struggles, and all the milestones we passed along the way.  Therefore most of the “new” content will be back-dated to their appropriate dates in 2005, 2006, and beyond — until we’re caught up!

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