Retro: My First Christmas Bonus

Christmas Bonus

Happy Holidays to everyone!  We are right in the middle of that magical time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Life has been busy as we prepare for our first Christmas holiday together, in our new city, in our new home!  We purchased our first Christmas tree, our first lights, our first ornaments, our first snow shovel…..well, you get the picture.  Lots of “firsts” all around.

An especially fun “first” that I experienced this week was receiving a Christmas Bonus.  This was totally unexpected on my part.  I’ve only been with my new company for six months.  I didn’t even know we had a traditional Christmas Bonus!  So unlike Mr. Clark Griswald, who has come to expect an annual bonus, I was the complete opposite!  Knowing this, you can imagine my surprise at the end of our company Christmas Party when envelopes were handed out to each person.  Inside my envelope was a check for $900.  Woo hoo!!

During the time that envelopes were handed out, our owner and CEO spent a considerable amount of time to express his sincere thanks to each and every employee for their hard work over the past year.  He also emphasized the importance to him in being able to provide a Christmas Bonus.  He told a story of one of his first jobs where he was manager over several employees.  His employer at-the-time instructed him to give every…

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Note From Author

The full “My First Christmas Bonus” post has been back-dated to 12/15/2005.  But it was originally published to the Financial Independence Champion ( Blog on 06/18/2016.

Why Back-Date Posts?

I mentioned in my first post how this blog will be a little different than any other ones you may follow.  I still plan to talk about personal finance, rental property, travel, and the pursuit of financial independence.  But to give all these topics the right context and the full picture, I need to start at the beginning.  I need to fill in the details of life from 2005 until now.  I want you to see the successes, the struggles, and all the milestones we passed along the way.  Therefore most of the “new” content will be back-dated to their appropriate dates in 2005, 2006, and beyond — until we’re caught up!

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